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Dozens of articles on art instruction, marketing, publicity and collecting by Diane and Sue:


Portrait Demo in Soft Pastel - "The Cowboy"
by L. Diane Johnson
See a portrait of a young child painted and how challenges of working from a weak photo are overcome.

The Canvas Road Show
by L. Diane Johnson
A how-to guide on preparing multible canvas' for travel and storage.

Aim High - Dig Deep
by L. Diane Johnson
A Commentary: Advice on now to maximize your talent and skills.

The Basics of Landscape Composition
by L. Diane Johnson
How to design and compose a landscape painting or drawing when working outdoors.

Mud Conscious
by L. Diane Johnson
How to paint using clean beautiful color and correct for muddy colors in your work!

"Building" Your Plein Air Painting
by L. Diane Johnson
Step-by-step description of how to paint outdoor paintings and get the most out of the experience.

On Speed
by L. Diane Johnson
Feeling pressure to paint more quickly? Learn what painting fast is really about...

Soft Pastel Plein Air Demonstration on Location with movie clips!
by L. Diane Johnson
Steps in painting a of a tree along a lake in soft pastel.

Sunset Painting Demo in Soft Pastel
by L. Diane Johnson
Demonstration of a painting created from a weak photograph from start to finish. Lots of tips!

Plein Air Painting - In or Out?
by L. Diane Johnson
Watch how a landscape is painted from the inside!


So You Want to Take an Art Class?
by L. Diane Johnson
Tips for those who have or are new to taking Art classes...
How to go about finding the right class and instructor
to meet your needs and goals.

by L. Diane Johnson
Description about soft pastel and care for pastel paintings.


REPORT: How Goes the Art Market 2004?
by L. Diane Johnson
Artists, how was 2003 for you in terms of sales? Read about what we could expect to happen in 2004 and strategies for growing your business this year. Learn more...

State of The Web
by L. Diane Johnson
What's happening now on the Web as it relates to artists and their Web presence? Are you trying to sell on the web or simply use it as an online brochure? Learn more...

On Naming The Rose
by Sue Viders
How important is it to name your painting? Find suggestions for selecting the right one for your painting in Sue's article!

Knowing Where The Fish Are
by Sue Viders
You have art ready to take to market -- who is your audience? Learn how to find and sell to your maket in this informative article.

Icing on the Publicity Cake
by Sue Viders
Learn how to get the most out of using press releases...

Painting a Landscape on Commission
by L. Diane Johnson
In-depth, comprehensive article on what goes into creating a custom painting for a client. Part 1 covers the planning through the drawing preparation phase. Collectors, this is a great way to see how your commissioned painting is designed and made especially for you!

Painting a Landscape on Commission
by L. Diane Johnson
Learn what goes into creating a custom painting for a client. Part 1 covers the planning through the drawing preparation phase.

Publishing Limited Edition Prints
by L. Diane Johnson
Considering the possibility of publishing your artwork for the print market? Here are some tips on what to look for...


Graphic Communication for the Fine Artist
by L. Diane Johnson
Help for fine artists who want to learn how to plan their
marketing materials and secure local design and printing

Graphic Design and Illustration
by L. Diane Johnson
Information and strategies for those interested in entering these
exciting career fields.


The Final Design Consideration - Fine Art
by L. Diane Johnson
Tips for anyone considering purchasing art for home or office.

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