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Art Marketing Center

The Art Marketing Center works on your behalf to inform and train you for self-promotion via direct as well as indirect sales channels. As a self-employed artist, prepare or improve your ability to market yourself through galleries, outdoor shows, home shows and many others. Information you can find no where else!

We are working in conjunction with the Art Business Academy , offering intensive basic to advanced eLearning classes and workshops online, as well as personalized consulting services for painters. Art organizations are encouraged to sponsor live workshops from Doug & Diane Johnson, for their groups.

We have an extensive Art Marketing BookShop of recommended books on every aspect of marketing and sales through our affiliate,, Allworth Press and others.

In addition, we have articles in the Reading Room, written by Sue Viders, L. Diane Johnson and other experts related to art marketing and self-promotion. Check back frequently as we add more material for you!

The Critique Studio Center is a great place to start if you are thinking about marketing your work. We can evaluate your art and make suggestions for positioning your paintings in the art world.

And finally, the CritiqueTalk Forum message board is for professional painters or those thinking about marketing their art. Come join us for in-depth conversations related to the business of art!

Don't miss this opportunity to do all you can to learn about the business of art. Most artists are self-employed either part or full-time and there are few venues where your business needs are addressed. But the CritiqueStudio is here to work with you as you market yourself!

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