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>> Oil - Don Adams; Classical Techniques...

Oil: Don Adams

Learn Oil Painting The Old Way
Don Adams

Painting a landscape with minimal supplies

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Oil: Classical Techniques - Master Painter: Larry Lawson

The "How To" Oil Painting Series
Volume 1: Getting Started

2 Volume Set

The most complete introduction to oil painting materials and their use, plus Renaissance painting techniques clearly explained and demonstrated. Including Basic materials needed to get started painting in oils, creating a charcoal under-drawing, creating a tonal under-painting, making a color sketch, mixing and applying colors, glazing, brush care and cleaning, detailed information about brushes, and detailed information about pigments used by the old masters chosen from 350 years of oil painting tradition. Learn the basic Renaissance approach to painting as practiced by Leonardo, Correggio, and Raphael which has never been more clearly or more usefully shown before anywhere. You will learn how to lay down a perfect umber wash as the old masters employed to create a full range of light and dark values quickly...


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