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>> Videos - Color Theory

Color: Nita Leland

Videos and the "Color Scheme Selector" are available from Nita Leland via her web site, via email or call toll free: 1.877.662.6567 - please mention The CritiqueStudio when you order any of her products!

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Exploring Color Workshop Videos

Color can be taught--and here's an easy way to learn. Just paint along with these information-packed VHS videos in the comfort of your home at your own speed--no workshop pressure.

Volume One:
Basic Color Mixing teaches you the language of color for all mediums and the split-primary color-mixing system. 53 min. $29.95 + s/h.

Volume Two:
All About Paint shows you how to learn the characteristics of your paints and use compatible triads for expressive, unified color. $29.95 + s/h.

Save $10 and choose a free print when you purchase both videos for only $50.00!
See also: Nita Leleand's book on "Exploring Color"

Nita Leland Color Scheme Selector

Dial Your Colors. Eliminate guesswork in color selection and discover exciting, distinctive color combinations. The Nita Leland Color Scheme Selector reveals variations of nine different color schemes and more than 140 color combinations, so you can visualize how the colors will work together in your color scheme. Use the unique, patented Insert to expand your choices to include contemporary magenta and turquoise. 81/2" square on sturdy, white coated board. $14.95.

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