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Icing on the Publicity Cake
by Sue Viders

Now that some of the fury has died down over whether or not an artist should have a web site, (and yes all artists need one), it is pretty well established that most art does not sell well over the Internet. Buyers still need to see art eye ball to paint to determine if they want to spend their hard eared money on your image.

Which brings us to press releases or the icing on the publicity cake.

If no one sees your art no one will buy it. Which, of course, means that you need to not only be in shows, both local and otherwise, but you need to give shows, either by yourself or with a group, either in your studio or in your home or at your local community center.

One way to get people to come to your show is to get your name in the local newspaper or perhaps your citys monthly magazine. This is done by sending out press releases.

Here are a couple of tips for writing these free notices.

- Use the papers pre-designed format. Check to see if your paper or magazine has a press release guideline or format on how to prepare a press release.
- Follow their format. Press releases are not generic. They must conform to the requirements of each individual publication
- Consider your audience. An event/opening/class/award are interesting news items for you community.
- Get to the point. Keep it short. One page is best, double-spaced with your name and phone number listed
- Axe the art jargon. Use simple words that everyone will understand when talking about either the art or the technique
- Proofread. And then proofread it again. It is always a good idea to let other read the release as not even the computer can always catch all the problems.
- Use a visual. Pictures are important. Enclose a snapshot with the appropriate information or if the publication accepts e-mail releases, be sure your Jpeg is readable with any computer.
- Plan ahead. Local papers usually need a week or two notice, while magazines need several months notice.
- But most of all do it. Not all press releases will be published. However some will make it into print. Consider those icing on the publicity cake. They are free and reach a larger audience that you could ever reach by simply sending our personal invitations.

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