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Here is a long listing of painting classes available, some online, some on location and others via mail:

Absolute Art - Help and advice for watercolour artists.

Acrylic Tips - Acrylic painting tips brought to you by ARTtalk-The Free monthly art materials and supplies newsletter for the visual artist.

Aquitaine Affairs - painting with Artist/Tutor Jackie Devereux in France

Armchair Paint Classes. - Online classes to improve your art skills. Free tips and newsletter.

Art Course Masterclass Painting - Traditional painting in French Chateau with expert masterclass tuition. Observers welcome.

Art in the Aspens workshop program - Artist workshops held in Colorado for students interested in Fine Art.

Art Marketing for the Marketing-Challenged Artist - Online art marketing workshop for fine artists. Comprehensive classes in pricing, finding a gallery, maintaining gallery relationships, designing for the Web from the Art Business Academy, and so much more...

Artist Barbara Simmons - Watercolor artist teaches art classes in Canada, and United States.

An Artist Touch - Works by the artist and students, and instructional videos teaching children how to, by Gail Miller.

Artists Workshop, The - National television series on art education on PBS stations. Painting in acrylics, watercolor, and oil.
ArtistsAnon - Painting articles, demos, and how-to for amateur artists.

Artventure - Watercolor painting courses given by professional artist Arlette Steenmans in Southern France.

Baldini Painting Holidays - Plein Air painting holidays on Monhegan Island, Maine. Niagara Area Peninsula St. Lucia, West Indies, Caribbean 2-5 day painting workshops in oil or watercolor.

Bigbrush Watercolour - Download watercolor lessons by Canadian artist Peter Humeniuk. Includes free demo and information regarding video and workshops.

Brightwood Studio - Mountain retreat for art instruction seminars and private classes.

Broadway Foot Art Studio - Watercolour painting North Yorkshire with artist Anne Lang. 2 - 5 day courses in the North Yorkshire Moors National Park

Bryan A. Thatcher - List of artist's watercolor painting courses, books, and video tapes, and a photo gallery of work.

Christiane Kubrick's Online Teaching Website - Information about Christiane Kubrick's exhibitions and courses online, in St Albans and at The Grange.

Christopher Dunne - Workshops and tutors realistic "Dutch Master" oil painting and drawing technique.

Cowdisley Technical Forum - Free online advanced painting lessons for students and teachers from the Cowdisley Education Group by three practicing professional painters.

Daisybank Studio - Watercolor instruction by Chris J. Beard, based in Cheshire, UK. Terms, contact information.

Delphys Art - Drawing and painting classes. Ottawa, Canada.

Don Foster's Artists' Workshop - An art course on CD-ROM plus free information for student artists and art enthusiasts.

Don Jusko Painting - On location in Maui Hawaii. Free color and painting course. Learn to accurately paint anything in front of you. Includes a coloring contest and galleries of painting tips.

Egg Tempera Paint - Detailed instructions for making egg tempera paint.

Fantastic Painting Technique - A wash technique for oil and acrylic painting. Specializing in fantasy, surrealism and imaginary portrayals. Graphics and text.

Fountain Studio - Watercolor Painting tips especially suited to beginning painters.

Gibsons School of the Arts - Information provided on five-day workshops.

Hand Painted Lettering - Online art course with step by step instructions and on screen videos on how to master hand painted lettering.

Helen Van Wyk.Com - Helen Van Wyk is recognized by thousands of artists as the host of PBS's "Welcome to my Studio" television show.

Jackie Simmonds - Art instruction books and videos from award-winning British pastel painter.

Jan Kunz Studio - Workshops by world famous artists in all media, on the coast in beautiful Florence, Oregon.

John Lovett - Paintings in oil, watercolor, and mixed media, with detailed notes on painting techniques and methods, and information on art materials.

4langley - Rod has the inate ability to bring out the artist in all of us. Join an art class; learn to draw and paint. Hampton, VA, USA.

Learn to Paint Watercolours with Peter Saw - Free help for students of watercolor painting, including tips and hints.

London International Art School - The Magic of Painting - free painting lessons on-line for the beginner to the advanced.

Nan Rae Art Workshops - Offers instruction on Chinese brush painting. Mail lessons are also available.

Nita Leland's: Exploring Color for Creative Artists - Information on color theory, creativity, design, watercolor, collage, workshops, art instruction books, studio setup, and art links.

Online Art - Free step-by-step painting demonstrations, art book reviews, and examples of the artist's work.

Paint in Matisses Villa - painting courses from May to October. For artists at all levels in the Matisse's old villa in Vence, Southern France.
Paint Professionally - Sell your paintings and increase your painting skills. Trade secrets exposed. Learn the value of correctly placing your values and color. - Dedicated to the study and use of an artist's painting and drawing materials, and techniques.

Painting Atmospheric Effects - Well known alkyd painter Robert B. Dance demonstrates how he paints clouds, mist, and sunsets.

The Painting Experience with Stewart Cubley - Providing a supportive and stimulating environment that guides people to explore the creative process through expressive painting.

The Painting Guide - Extensive, interactive, illustrated how-to guide to painting by Debra Clem, professor of fine arts at Indiana University Southeast.

Parsons, Shelia - Arizona-based professional artist and workshop instructor. Provides a class schedule, brief profile and contact information.

Ray Campbell Smith's Way With Watercolour - Provides demonstrations and tips on watercolor painting.

Singapore Watercolor Demo Online - Watercolor online demo by Ng Woon Lam NWS.

Suite 101: Oil Painting - From stretching your own canvas, to mixing oil colour, to informative discussions, you'll soon learn there's nothing quite like the smell of grease paint. Archive of articles.
Trevinhurst Lodge - Watercolor painting courses in the south of England, with artist Brian Smith.

Watching Paint Dry - Learn to paint watercolour landscapes with Don Harrison. Instructional and demonstration art videos books workshops painting holidays and art materials.

Watercolor and Watermedia Tips and Demos - Provides insight on author's use of different watermedia techniques.

Watercolor Demonstrations - Step-by-step demonstrations for various watercolor projects. Information about watercolor painting; techniques, history, and materials.

Watercolor Painting - Art news, resources, history, lessons, articles, and links for watercolor artists of all skill levels.