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m o r e N E W S...

The New Critique Studio

We have a new name, a new look, and some major new changes! Our single mission remains the same -- to assist artists at all levels with their drawing and painting goals.

And now, to equip you to market yourself and your art! We've expanded our free "My Toolbox" offering self-critique information and resources to help you grow in your art skills. The new Critique Center makes it easier than ever to submit your work for a personal fee-paid critique.

But the biggest surprise is the brand new Art Marketing Center! Sue Viders, well-known author of many books on art marketing is now a Critique Studio owner and has developed this area just for you. And don't miss her latest book, "Creating Marketable Artwork - 10 Factors for Successful Sales" which is our special feature this season.

The Web is maturing and we want to be a part of your advancement as an artist!

Take your time -- explore -- we hope you enjoy our new look and volume of information! And please, let us know what you think!

A New Partnership

For the last 3 years "The Critique Shop" has been of service to many artists from beginners to professionals. Started by L. Diane Johnson, recognized international painter, who saw the need for a place where drawing and painting artists could come to help themselves. Now in partnership with Sue Viders, they hope to further promote this concept along with a newly created area devoted the subject of art sales and marketing.