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How To Order Your Critique

To expedite your order, please complete the 3 simple steps shown on the left. Once we receive your photos, along with the form and payment, your critique report will be created. Thank you for using The Critique Studio! We're confident you will receive great benefits from your evaluation.*


Take the best quality photos, slides, scans, or digital pictures, possible of your work.

To send via Email:
Scan and create either a high resolution TIF, JPG, or EPS file at 300 pixels per inch if possible at least 6" wide.. The more detail we can see of your work, the more accurate your evaluation will be.

To send via regular mail:
The best medium to send is a 35mm slide or large format transparency, or 5x7 or larger photograph. If you send a standard 3x5 or 4x6 photo we will review it before critiquing. Slides/photos will be returned only if an SASE is enclosed.

We will review all slides, photos and electronic files before critiquing. If we feel they will not offer a good representation of your work, we will return your package and payment or you may submit another picture. We want to give you the best report result possible!