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>> Watercolor - Still Life
See Also: Still Life, Still Life/Flowers

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Great titles just for watercolor still-life painting:

Painting Sunlit Still Lifes in Watercolor
Liz Donovan

"Liz Donovan's watercolor still lifes are infused with the sparkle, color and movement of sunlight. She paints in a realistic, yet exciting and colorful style, full of wonderful detail"...North Light Books.

Painting Crystal and Flowers in Watercolor
Susanna Spann

Susanna Spann shows artists how to capture the unmatched beauty of crystal and flowers in watercolor by "building" paintings like a Polaroid picture, developing them layer by layer, value by value, creating works full of drama and feeling. She shares her techniques through mini-demos, instructional art and a complete painting demonstration that cover everything from value and texture to composition and color. Readers will gain the skills they need to produce images of startling emotion, wondrous joy and everything in between. Spann's clear instructions make learning easy and fun, providing artists with the knowledge and confidence they need to make their watercolor work glow with light and color.

More Titles:

Painting Landscapes and Still Lifes in Watercolor:
Basic Techniques & Exercises
(Basic Techniques & Exercises Series)
Jose Maria Parramon

Dynamic Still Lifes in Watercolor
Stephen Doherty