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>> Still Life Painting
See Also: Watercolor Flowers, Still Life/Flowers

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Great titles just for painting still life:

Painting Landscapes & Still Lifes in Watercolor:
Basic Techniques & Exercises (Basic Techniques & Exercises Series)

Jose Maria Parramon

Just review the comprehensive table of contents for this book!!

More Great Titles:

Basic Still Life Techniques
Rachel Rubin Wolf 

Introduction to Painting Still Life
Peter Galen

Complete Guide to Flower Painting
Ralph Fabri

How to Draw and Paint Still Life
Stan Smith(Editor)

How to Paint Still Lifes (Watson Guptill Artists Library)
Jose Maria Parramon

Introduction to Still Life and Flower Painting
Barbara. Dorf

Painting the Still Life
Olga Zaferatos

The Technique of Still Life Painting.
Frederic, Taubes

You Can Paint Still Lifes
North Light Studio Series, No 7)
Alwyn Crawshaw

You Can Paint Flowers, Plants & Nature
(North Light Studio Series, 2)
Patricia Monahan