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>> Art Safety & Care

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The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, 3rd edition The Artist's Complete Health and Safety Guide, 3rd Edition

by Monona Rossol. This classic art reference shows artists how to handle materials safely while practicing their craft. Dozens of at-a-glance tables and charts present vital information about art materials, ingredients, technical hazards, proper protective equipment, and safe work practices simply and accurately. This brand-new third edition is now completely revised and expanded to detail lifesaving new safety and ventilation equipment, present urgent new discoveries on toxins and pollutants found in arts and crafts materials, and explain the controversies surrounding new government regulations. A virtual lifesaver for all art and craft workers. "This comprehensive guide is highly recommended for any artist's studio or art teacher's classroom." --Library Journal. "Highly recommended for individual artists, art teachers, and others with special interests in the arts." --American Public Health Association. "Should be on every artist's and craftworker's studio reference shelf." --Crafts Report. 6 x 9, 416 pages; Paperback, ISBN 1-58115-204-3.

Caring for Your Art: A Guide for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, and Art Institutions, 3rd edition Caring for Your Art:
A Guide for Artists, Collectors, Galleries, and Art Institutions, 3rd Edition

by Jill Snyder. For artists, collectors, gallery staff, and art curators, here's everything you need to know about presenting and protecting works of art being transported or on display in the studio, home, gallery, or museum. Step by step, readers will learn how to store and handle art properly, photograph art, insure and secure art, set up proper environmental controls, mat and frame safely, and utilize manual and computer systems for record keeping. This third edition also features all-new information on technological advances, materials, methods, and art forms, plus interviews with leading experts. "An invaluable addition to the library of anyone who creates, collects, or exhibits art." --Antiques & Auction News. "Caring for Your Art is the hands down winner in terms of readability and useful illustrations." --American Artist. 6 x 9, 256 pages; Paperback, ISBN 1-58115-200-0.