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>> Photographing Your Art

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The Artists' Handbook for Photographing Their Own Artwork
John White

A comprehensive, step-by-step guide for artists who need to photograph their own artwork for portfolios, gallery submissions, etc. It covers the basics of photography and cameras and the best ways to photograph all flat and three-dimensional media. 75 black-and-white photographs.

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Photographing Your Artwork
Russell Hart

With this book, artists can make their own slides for entering competitions, obtaining grants and commissions, and submitting their works to galleries. The book provides specific instructions for working with various types of art and avoiding common problems such as reflections, glare, and shadows. Starting with basics such as what cameras and tripods are best suited for this type of photography, the book progresses into more advanced areas including the ideal lighting for art slides and how to... read more...

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Quick & Easy Guide to Photographing Your Artwork
Roger Saddington - COMING MAY 2003
North Light Books 128 pages
Order IN MAY 2003!

Photographing Works of Art
William H. Titus
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