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Dynamic Wrinkles and Drapery
Bruce Hogarth

Specifically designed to deal with the area of drapery and folds. Master the principles of how a folds are constructed and how to render any situation. A tremendous reference book; easy to read, understand, and enjoy!

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Creative Collage Techniques Third Edition
Nita Leland

Creative Collage Techniques is the first comprehensive text on collage published since the early seventies. The book teaches collage from the ground up, starting with basic cut-and-paste techniques and ending with mixed media. The book is now in its third printing and has had rave reviews from Library Journal and several other publications.

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Art Fundamentals: Theory & Practice
Otto G. Ocvirk (Editor)

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200 Great Painting Ideas for Artists
Carole Katchen

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Perspective Drawing
Kenneth W. Auvil

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More great titles we recommend:

Perspective Without Pain/
3 Volumes in 1

Phil Metzger
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