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Painting Landscapes in Oils
Norman Battershill

Beautifully illustrated, wonderful book on the techniques used in landscape painting. Loaded with information for the serious landscape artist or student of oil.

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Problem Solving for Oil Painters
Gregg Kreutz

An exceptional, comprehensive guide to correcting common mistakes in oil painting.

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The Best of Portrait Painting
Rachel Rubin Wolf

Great resource for portrait painting.

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A Light Touch:
Painting Landscapes in Oils
David Curtis & David Charles

Strong book with delicate touch...magnificent in helping you to learn how to really paint!

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Capturing Light in Oils
Paul Strisik

Through three powerful tools -- design, color, and light--master oil painter Paul Strisik teaches, step-by-step, how to convey a strong sense of place, time of day, and weather conditions to evoke emotional response from a viewer. Thorough, thought-provoking and richly illustrated, this book will help artists create paintings that truly reflect their vision.

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The Encyclopedia of
Oil PaintingTechniques
Jeremy Galton

Oils are ideal for the beginning painter. With this volume of Running Press's Encyclopedia of Art Technique Series, the artist learns how to build forms and textures, discover the secrets of mixing oil with other media, follow step-by-step demonstration, and much more. More than 200 full-color photographs.

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Oil Painting for the Serious Beginner:
Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter
Steve Allrich

This book offers an inviting introduction to the materials and techniques of oil painting. Allrich begins with an outline of the essential components of good painting, then describes the basic materials and tools of the oil medium. The fundamentals are strongly stressed and lessons on defining concept, toning the canvas, and understanding light sources are covered.

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More great titles we recommend:

Oil Painting Secrets from a Master
Linda Cateura
Wonderful book for those who have not had formal training or been part of a painting class. Teaches you how to observe effectively as well as paint what you see.
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The Big Book of Painting Nature in Oil
S. Allyn Schaeffer, John Shaw
Outstanding & comprehensive book for painting; inspiring as well as practical. Richly illustrated and boost your landscape painting capability!

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Colors and Materials for Oil Painting:
A Practical Guide
Jacques Turner
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The Oil Painting Book:
Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist
Billl Creevy
ONE OF THE BEST! Encyclopedic in design, this all-in-one reference covers new as well as traditional materials and techniques. In addition to a compendium of materials, the book also catalogs and illustrates the oil painter's many choices of supports and grounds. Includes demonstrations of a vast array of oil techniques. 350 color illustrations.
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Art Class-
A beginner's Complete Guide to
Painting and Drawing
Ken Howard
An excellent primer for beginners. Full-color illustrations w/ step-by-step instructions on beginning drawing, watercolor, & oil as well as excellent section on composition & perspective.
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Painting Portraits
Everett Raymond Kinstler, Susan E. Meyer (Editor)
Lessons from a master painter!! Wonderful book. Do not miss this one. (Out of Print, try to obtain at your local library or have Amazon do a search for you.)
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Oil Painting A Direct Approach
Joyce Pike
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Light for the Artist
Ted Seth Jacobs
The best book we've ever seen relating to painting forms in light. Straight forward, beautifully illustrated; theory and practical. Should be a permanent part of the artist's library. (Out of Print, try to obtain at your local library or have Amazon do a search for you.)
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