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>> Oil Painting - Beginners

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Great titles just for Beginners:

Oil Painting for the Serious Beginner:
Basic Lessons in Becoming a Good Painter
Steve Allrich

This book offers an inviting introduction to the materials and techniques of oil painting. Allrich begins with an outline of the essential components of good painting, then describes the basic materials and tools of the oil medium. The fundamentals are strongly stressed and lessons on defining concept, toning the canvas, and understaning light sources are covered. 125 color illustrations.

Oil Painting Workbook:
A Complete Course in Ten Lessons
Stan Smith

All in color! A complete do-it-yourself painting course in only ten lessons! Each one takes up an essential technique, explains it thoroughly, illustrates it with full-color examples, and presents exercises designed to help you master each skill in the shortest amount of time. Lessons introduce the full range of themes: color, form, composition, texture, still lifes, landscapes, figures and animals, and exteriors and interiors of buildings. Media covered include pencil, pen and ink, watercolor, and oils.

More Great Titles:

The Oil Painting Book:
Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist
Billl Creevy
ONE OF THE BEST! Encyclopedic in design, this all-in-one reference covers new as well as traditional materials and techniques. In addition to a compendium of materials, the book also catalogs and illustrates the oil painter's many choices of supports and grounds. Includes demonstrations of a vast array of oil techniques. 350 color illustrations.

Oils for the Beginner
Alyn Crawshaw

Oil painting for everyone; a practical introduction for the serious beginner to the fundamentals of painting
Frank Slater