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Painting Animals That Touch the Heart
Lesley Harrison

Popular artist Harrison has perfected her technique over decades of practice, achieving success in part because of the emotion she both brings to her work and evokes with her expressive animal portraits. She thoroughly explores painting techniques, materials, and lighting, then, dispelling the notion that animals lack feelings because they cannot speak, moves beyond technical considerations to help artists identify and convey animal emotions so that they're "telling their stories" in images rather than words. Many large, full-color plates with step-by-step instructions show examples of subjects such as big cats, wolves, horses, birds of prey, foxes, and dogs and cats, providing something for every artist and animal aficionado.

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Painting Wildlife Textures: Step by Step
Rod Lawrence

One of the main appeals of wildlife art is its meticulous attention to detail. Dense fur, rough antlers, shiny feathers--these are the kinds of tactile characteristics animal artists strive to paint realistically. Award-winning wildlife artist Rod Lawrence de-mystifies the process for painting each of the varied textures of wildlife in 50 mini-demonstrations. Techniques are shown for painting in acrylic, watercolor or oil. Artists will discover how to: paint hair and feather textures as they change on different parts of the animal's body, or through the seasons,* render expressive reflections in the eyes of birds and fishes, learn the differences between the shape and texture of horns and antlers, paint convincingly moist muzzles, scaly feet, soft ears and other distinctive animal features Anyone can benefit from Lawrence's years of experience of observing and painting in the field. His instruction gives that essential "spark" needed to breathe life into every work of wildlife art.
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Drawing in Color
Lee Hammond

Now anyone can draw incredibly realistic animals--even if they've never drawn before! Lee Hammond's amazing, easy-to-follow techniques enable even first-time artists to render a variety of wonderful animals, from cats and dogs to horses, squirrels, tigers and more. Hammond's special graphing system makes all the difference, enabling the reader's brain to translate animal poses from a picture into startlingly realistic drawings on the page. Additional guidelines detail the methods used to duplicate eyes, ears, mouths, feet, fur and hides. Readers will also learn how to layer, blend and shade their work, just like the pros!

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Painting Baby Animals with Peggy Harris
Peggy Harris