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>> Books: Landscapes
See Also: Oil Landscapes, Watercolor Landscapes, Plein Air, Pastel, Drawing

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Great titles just for painting landscapes:

Painting Better Landscapes
Margaret Kessler

Exceptional volume!

The Watson-Guptill Handbook of Landscape Painting
M. Stephen Doherty

Painting the Impressionist Landscape: Lessons in Interpreting Light and Color
Lois Griffel

Carlson's Guide to Landscape Painting
John F. Carlson

A CLASSIC! THE book no landscape painter should be without. The standard by which all other landscape painting books are measured. You'll refer to this book again and again. It not only covers the basics but detailed descriptions on why and how things operate in nature -- and how things can impact your painting. Applicable to all media. (Review by L. Diane Johnson)

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More Great Titles:

Composition of Outdoor Painting
Edgar Alwin Payne

Light on the landscape
Norman Battershill

Betsy Hosegood

The Beginner's Guide to Landscape Painting
Kimm Stevens

Landscape Drawing and Painting
Patricia Monahan

Landscape Illusion: A Spatial Approach to Painting
Daniel Chard, S. Shefts (Editor)

Color, Composition and Light in the Landscape
S. Allyn Schaeffer

Landscape; A Comprehensive Guide to Drawing and Painting Nature
Richard McDaniel

Learn to Paint Landscapes
Alwyn Crawshaw

Alwyn Crawshaw

Artist's Handbook Series Landscape Painting
Patricia Monahan

Landscape Painting for Beginners.
Joanna. Carrington

Creative Landscape Painting
Edward H., Betts

Landscape Painting Step-By-Step.
Leonard. Richmond 

Landscape Painting With a Knife
Coulton Waugh

Painting Better Landscapes
Margaret Kessler

Painting Gardens
Norman Battershill