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How to Evaluate Your Painting/Drawing...

Tips on Self-Critiquing Your Artwork

>> The What and How to Judge Works of Art

We begin our self-critique section by recommending these foundational art books currently available in >bookstores. They are a great resource for learning about the history, terms, and the "what and how" of judging art. All are excellent and easy reading:

Learning to Look: A Handbook for the Visual Arts
Joshua Charles Taylor
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Learning to Look at Paintings
Mary Acton

A critique of works of art dating from the early fifteenth century through to modern installations, Learning to Look at Paintings is an accessible guide to the study and appraisal of paintings, drawings and prints. Mary Acton shows how one can learn to look at and understand an image by analyzing how it works, what its pictoral elements are and how they relate to each other. She describes the ingredients of composition, space, form, tone and color which make up a painting, and discusses the importance of subject, function and setting in appreciating its visual meanings. Acton also suggests a series of questions to ask when looking at a painting in order to help develop a critical understanding of art.

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Art and Visual:
A Psychology of the Creative Eye
Rudolf Arnheim
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More Titles:

Art Terms for Beginners
Philip Yenawine
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Complete collection of books by Sue Viders
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Principles of Art History:
The Problem of the Development of Style in Later Art.
Heinrich, WOlfflin, M. D. Hottinger (Illustrator)
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How to Evaluate Your Painting/Drawing...

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