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How to Paint Skin Tones
James Horton, Hazel Harrison

Step-by-step guide for creating specific skin tones in all media including oil, watercolor, pastel, acrylic and gouache. Includes in-depth techniques for creating realistic portraits.

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How to Draw Lifelike Portraits
from Photographs
Lee Hammond

Essential book if you work from photos and want to realistically portray people. Easy to understand and follow instuction on how to create portraits. Each step is carefully explained and illustrated. Covered are materials, facial features, composition, backgrounds and special effects.

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The Best of Portrait Painting
Rachel Rubin Wolf

Great resource for portrait painting.

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How to Draw Heads and Portraits
Jose maria Parramon

Great resource for portrait painting.

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Cyclopedia Anatomicae:
More Than 1,500 Illustrations of the Human & Animal Figure for the Artist

Gyorgy Feher, Andras Szunyoghy (Illustrator), Andras Szuriyoghy (Illustrator)

More than 1,500 detailed, black-and-white illustrations of the human body and of animal anatomy provide a valuable source of reference for students and working artists. The 604 pages of this oversized hardcover are designed to help the artist understand the basis of movement and the structure of man and 11 other animal species.

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The Artist's Complete Guide to Facial Expression
Gary Faigin

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The Human Figure in Motion
Eadweard Muybridge

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More great titles we recommend:

Daniel E. Greene, NA
Although a pastel manual, Daniel E. Greene's book primarily covers painting the portraits.

Painting Portraits
Everett Raymond Kinstler, Susan E. Meyer (Editor)
Lessons from a master painter!! Wonderful book. Do not miss this one. (Out of Print, try to obtain at your local library or have Amazon do a search for you.)

Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters
Robert Beverly Hale
ONE OF THE BEST! Encyclopedic in design, this all-in-one reference covers new as well as traditional materials and techniques. In addition to a compendium of materials, the book also catalogs and illustrates the oil painter's many choices of supports and grounds. Includes demonstrations of a vast array of oil techniques. 350 color illustrations.

How to Draw the Human Figure
(Famous Artists School: Step-By-Step Method)

Howard Munce, Famous Schools Cortina
Wonderful book for those who have not had formal training or been part of a painting class. Teaches you how to observe effectively as well as paint what you see.

The Figure:
An Approach to Drawing and Construction
Walter Reed

Figure Drawing:
The Structure, Anatomy, and Expressive Design of Human Form

Nathan Goldstein
Provides a concise but comprehensive survey of all matters pertaining to drawing the human figure, this well-illustrated and accurate guide demonstrates the interplay of structure, anatomy, design and expression in sound figure drawing, and shows how the careful integration of these four factors is essential in drawing the figure in a compelling and lucid manner. Provides a variety of "Suggested Exercises" at the end of each chapter to reinforce issues and concepts under discussion.

How to Paint Living Portraits
Roberta Carter Clark

How to Paint and Draw People
Samuel Marshall

Drawing a Likeness
Douglas R. Graves
Detailed study of the portrait drawing process.

Basic Portrait Techniques
Rachael Rubin Wolf

John Singer Sargent
Kate F. Jennings

Drawing the Human Form: Methods, Sources, Concepts
William A. Berry
Focused specifically on drawing methods -- rather than stylistic preferences -- this text/workbook presents drawing methods in the form of exercises -- describing and illustrating each method in terms of student practice, drawing theory, and art historical precedent. Excellent book on the fundamentals.


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