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>> Color Theory Books

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It is rare to find good books addressing just the subject of "color".
We're happy to offer these exceptional, highly recommended volumes.
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Color Theory
Jose M. Parramon

CritiqueStudio's TOP PICK on color theory!

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Exploring Color Revised
Nita Leland

From the Author: "This book has been completely rewritten and reorganized and displays the work of 64 outstanding contemporary artists in all the leading art media. There are five new step-by-step demos, a glossary and a bibliography. Contents include the history, science and theories of color, the properties of color, color characteristics, color mixtures, compatible colors, color schemes, color contrast, light and shadow, and color design. The color reproductions are dazzling. Everything I could think of that would make a practical guide to color for artists is in this book."

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Capturing Radiant Color in Oils
Susan Sarback

This book gets The Critique Shop's top recommendation! Whether you are an Impressionist, or representational painter, using oil, watercolor, pastel, or acrylic, this one volume, examines all the various conventional color theories then shows you how to really "see" and paint color. The author, Susan Sarback, is a great painter in her own right, exploring 6 traditional ways of dealing with color then helps you "see" color. Elaborately illustrated with dozens of color samples so you can really create radiant color in your paintings.

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Color Theory Made Easy: A New Approach to Color Theory and How to Apply it to Mixing Paints
Jim Ames

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More great titles we recommend:

Keys to Successful Color
Foster Caddell
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Mixing Colors : 2. Oil (Barron's Art Handbooks)
Parramon's Editorial Team / Hardcover / Published 1998
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