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The Creative Artist - Top Seller!
A Fine Artist's Guide to Expanding Your Creativity and Achieving Your Artistic Potential
Nita Leland

Written by an artist to artists...great book for anyone needing direction, to bolster your work, and explanation of the creative process. A must-have for the artist's library.

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Art & Fear
David Bayles & Ted Orland

An artist's survival guide, written by and for working artists. The authors explore the way art gets made, the reasons it doesn't get made, and the nature of the difficulties that cause so many artists to give up along the way.

"The best book I have read on dealing with all aspects of being an artist relating to fears, doubts and anxiety." [Review by L. Diane Johnson]

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Leonardo on Painting
Edited by Martin Kemp

A phenomenal anthology of writings by Leonardo Da Vinci with a selection of documents relating to his career as an artist. For artists at all skill levels, Leonardo addresses everything from how effects are achieved, anatomy, sky, and water, to the life of a painter...and much more!

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The Art Spirit
Robert Henri

Incredibly inspiring, as well as great for learning technique from a master -- "Notes, Articles, Fragments of Letters and Talks to Students, Bearing on the Concept and Technique of Picture Making, the Study of Art"

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Artists on Art
from the XIV to the XX Century
Robert Goldwater, Marco Treves

Do you need inspiration and instruction at the same time? This is it! An elegant, set of excerpts from the writings of painters and sculptors over a period seven centuries present highly personal authentic history art. You can read this one for years and still glean everything it has to offer!

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How to Get Started Selling Your Art
Carole Katchen

Learn how to put together an inexpensive exhibit, create a professional image, present your art work to potential buyers, put together brochures and portfolios, find collectors, get the most out of local shows, set prices, find the right gallery, and more. Whether your goal is to make a living from your artwork, or to simply buy more art supplies, experience the satisfaction of selling your own art.

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How to Become a Famous Artist
W. Joe Innis

Phenomenal must get this one if you are thinking or are selling your art. Joe hit's the nail on the head and is a straight-shooter when it comes to talking directly to artists about their career. Talking from his own experience (rather than an observer of art) he tells it like it is. I recommend this to all my students and any artist desiring to build a long-term commitment to their art. [Review by L. Diane Johnson]

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The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity
Julia Cameron

With the basic principle that creative expression is the natural direction of life, Julia Cameron and Mark Bryan lead you through a comprehensive twelve-week program to recover your creativity from a variety of blocks, including limiting beliefs, fear, self-sabotage, jealousy, guilt, addictions, and other inhibiting forces, replacing them with artistic confidence and productivity. This book links creativity to spirituality by showing how to connect with the creative energies of the universe, and has, in the four years since its publication, spawned a remarkable number of support groups for artists dedicated to practicing the exercises it contains.

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The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal: A Companion Volume to the Artist's Way
Julia Cameron

The idea behind Julia Cameron's The Artist's Way is that by writing three pages, longhand and stream-of consciousness, first thing in the morning, you can overcome the obstacles that stop you from becoming your most creative self. This works partly because it forces you to create something (even if it is just a long list of gripes) every single day. It doesn't take much time. You're not even supposed to think. But the act itself gets you past all that self-defeating fretting about why you think you aren't a creative person. Cameron sees her morning pages as "a form of meditation," as "spiritual windshield wipers." While Cameron touts the morning pages as a way of life, she suggests you start out doing them as part of a "twelve-week program to recover your creativity." If you would like to keep your first twelve weeks of morning pages together in one tidy place, The Artist's Way Morning Pages Journal is a fine tool for doing so. Each nearly blank page features an inspiring quotation from The Artist's Way: "Leap, and the net will appear," says one; "Creativity lies not in the done but in doing," reminds another. We should mention that many of these little inspirations include references to God, which may be troublesome even for spiritual atheists. --Jane Steinberg i

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Drawing on the Artist Within:
An Inspirational and Practical Guide
to Increasing Your Creative Powers
Betty Edwards

The brilliant sequel to Edwards' best-selling classic Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, now in paperback. Here, Edwards expands on her earlier techniques, using the visual language of drawing to unlock the full creative potential of the human unconscious and apply that power to everyday problems. Black-and-white drawings and photographs throughout.

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More great titles we recommend:

Becoming a Successful Artist
Lewis Lehrman
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