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>> Acrylic Painting Books

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*The North Light Book of
Acrylic Painting Techniques

Earl Grenville Killeen, Leah Rachel Killeen

Strong book with delicate touch...magnificent in helping you to learn how to really paint!

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*The Acrylic Painter's Book
of Styles & Techniques

Rachel Rubin Wolf

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Acrylic Painting: A Complete Guide
Weldon Blake

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Acrylic Workbook:
A Complete Course in Ten Lessons

Jenny Rodwell

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More great titles we recommend:

Season Landscapes:
Painting Watercolours With Acrylics

Keith H. Fenwick

Acrylics : Translucent Techniques for Landscape Painters
R. Bradford Johnson

*Landscapes in AcrylicWendon Blake

First Steps Series - Painting Acrylics
Vicki Lord
Superb beginners guide -- what supplies to buy to how to use acrylic's great colors. Easy-to-follow exercises show how to paint flowers, landscapes, textures  and other subjects through step-by-step demonstrations to help make you a success with this medium.

*The Acrylics Book:
Materials and Techniques for Today's Artist

Barclay Sheaks
Twentieth-century technology has brought many innovations to the field of art, with the creation of acrylic paint ranking among the most popular. This indispensable reference for the legions of devoted acrylic users covers a broad range of uses and techniques.
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